Landis Gyr Smart Meter Software Configuration and Navigant Report

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Landis Gyr Smart Meter Software Configuration and Navigant Report
Updated 1/2/12
Thought for the Day: If the grid is in such a fragile condition that we need to ration power with existing loads how will we be able to charge our electric cars?

This page is a random collection of information I obtained while researching Smart Meters.

You will find the link to the Landis-Gyr Focus AX manual on this page.

Navigant Consulting Report provided to the Texas PUC:

Errors found in Oncor and Landis-Gyr smart meters begin on page 156:

Highlights of the report:

Some Oncor Landis-Gyr meters have bad solder joints:


Other Oncor Landis-Gyr meters produce the « 2118 » error code and « recorded electricity usage is likely higher that it should have been. »


There are current transformer « CT » failures:


Oncor is assuming « any meter that has displayed a 2118 error code is no longer reliable for use. »


There are non volatile memory failures in Landis-Gyr meters. The ability of Oncor to accurately measure electric usage is called into question. Little is known at this point about the potential cause.


Oncor Smart Meter software configuration errors:

This page explains how software configuration errors in Smart Meters can overcharge customers. It happens at other utilities. Here’s an excerpt from a report provided by electric utility Chelco explaining how a residential customer was billed at twice the actual rate:

Report courtesy of
Full citation (26 MB locally-cached):

A temple was overcharged $50,000 in a one year period due to improper software configuration of their utility’s meter:

« Energy Tracking’s WEM-MX meter was chosen to sub meter the building’s incoming energy consumption. The WEM-MX tracked peak demand, consumption and also acquired 15 minute Interval / Load Profile data which was collected over one month and the results confirmed that the utility’s meter multiplier was significantly off. These details were provided to the utility and the end result was that BAPS Temple will recover more than $50,000.00 on their energy costs. »


Oncor Electric Delivery uses Landis-Gyr Meters. There are at least three, perhaps four software locations in an individual customer’s meter that can be improperly configured. Improper setup can result in customers being over charged.

From the Landis-Gyr Focus-series datasheet and product page:

A « meter multiplier » does exactly what it says. It multiplies actual consumption making the meter report larger use than what is actually consumed. There are a number of legitimate reasons for this including « Time of Use, » and direct readout, in Dollars, of consumption. Meter multipliers should not be used in most (if not all) Oncor residential installations. A meter accidentally programmed with a multiplier will over-report actual kWh use.


The « PT ratio » is a number that defines the voltage read by the Smart Meter. The « CT ratio » is a number that defines the current read by the Smart Meter. The « active » power read by the Smart Meter is the instantaneous product of voltage times current. If either of these ratios are wrong, the meter will over-report instantaneous power.* For residential meters (with internally defined PT and CT sensors) the numbers should be « 1. » Any number greater than one will multiply the reading. Unfortunately, for residential meters, the error is always in favor of the power company. (PT or CT must be greater than or equal to « 1. »)
The kWh reading is based on the instantaneous product of current and voltage averaged over time. If the instantaneous product is wrong, the kWh average will be.

Please refer to the Landis+Gyr meter’s configuration screens for the AX-series shown below.* Each meter in the Smart Meter « mesh » network can have different settings stored in its internal flash memory. Programming of the meter’s flash memory, « firmware, » can be done by virtually anyone in the Landis+Gyr distribution chain. The flash memory can also be remotely updated by Oncor using the Zigbee RF mesh network used to read the meters.

* The Landis-Gyr software shown below is for the Landis+Gyr AX-series and was originally obtained from The screenshots were obtained from Direct links to the software have now been removed from the Tri State Utility website.

Note that there are four parameters on this screen that can result in billing errors. Potential transformer ratio « PT, » current transformer ratio « CT, » Transformer Factor « TF, » and Meter Multiplier, « MM. » Each one of these numbers can multiply the reported kWh consumption if not set to « 1. »

Here is another setup screen. Note the « reporting multiplier » checkbox can use the  » CT, PT » values or the  » TF » value.

Reproduced below is one of the main setup screens. Note that it’s possible to toggle a « real time tariff » on or off. Your power contract probably doesn’t have a time of day tariff. Does your Oncor Smart Meter think it does?

Here’s an admission to the Texas PUC by Centerpoint regarding meter programming that was filed on March 15, 2010. Approximately 3500 meters resulted in customers being overcharged.

Based on the approximate number of meters installed by Centerpoint at the time, 3500 represents an error rate of about 1.5%!


Note in the last sentence the words « firmware configuration changes. » Translation: Defective software or configuration.

How does a meter field installation tech know that each and every one of the 30 or so Smart Meters on their truck for retrofit that day are programmed identically? Chelco got it wrong on two out of three samples at one location. Centerpoint got it wrong on about 3500!

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