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2 mai 2015 par maty185

NASA Confirms « Impossible » Propellant-free Microwave Thruster for Spacecraft Works!

Read more: NASA Confirms the « Impossible » – Propellant-free Microwave Thruster for Spacecraft Works! | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


US and India Work on Harvesting Space Solar Power.

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on November 10, 2010



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Via « A Microwaved Planet »:

—Earth’s Maser Jets Increases Ionospheric Heater Power—

The modern age of Electromagnetic technology has become the facilitator for Geoengineering the planet. Through the use of Ionospheric heaters such as HAARP and a multitude of others, worldwide. Some will argue such technology doesn’t possess the power necessary to create weather and cause disasters, evidence suggests otherwise.

« The really incredible thing, » Chappell said, « is that if you do a very careful model of the magnetic field and electric field, and then put in 10 eV particles, they go into the plasma sheet, and are energized at least a thousandfold. ».

« The conventional wisdom from the time I was in school 30 years ago, » said Chappell, NASA/Marshall’s associate director for science, « was that because these ions have so much energy (about 1,000 electron-volts [1 keV], they must come from the sun. »
 » And protons don’t carry ID cards to tell whether they came from the Sun or the Earth. »

Through this naturally occurring outflow jet, any ions present will be increased in energy. That energy is stored in the Earth’s Ionosphere(capacitor) until EM potential causes a discharge to ground. The ability to increase the energy of planet Earth is no longer the work of the Sun, alone.



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