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(important news article follows)

Hello, do you know the smart meters?

The electric meters are to be installed in all countries by 2020.

These electric meters communicate your personal data electricity and other remote computer data.

Remote communication is done by power lines  or radio frequency microwaves (non-ionizing radiation).

Your electricity consumption data are sent remotely 5-10 times a day. But smart meters send signals every 15, 30 or 60 seconds more. Smart meters emit round the clock, 365 days a year.

Non-smart version of the electricity meter communicating data remotely emits signals 24h a day every 15, 30 or 60 seconds but electricity consumption data is collected by radar truck 1 time per month.

In North America, Australia and France this type of meter is controversial. Some states in North America require companies to provide customers with meters that do not communicate data remotely and does not emit radio frequencies. This option is offered for an additional monthly fee. A few American companies have chosen not to install smart meters and offer guests free to retain their mechanical counter.

We are looking for information on electrical fires. These fires would possibly triggered during installation of the new generation of electric meter (smart meter) or shortly after installation.

In most cases the power companies have blamed the meter of customers’ homes or put the blame on faulty installation. Apart from a few cases, as in Saskatchewan in Canada when the meters were changed because of the fire risk, the blame is put on the customer or installer.

When you connect your home to an electricity meter installation must be checked and certified by a qualified electrician. Smart meters are NOT installed by master electricians.

Besides the scientific information on the 2B carcinogen classified electromagnetic fields by the World Organization Of The Health in 2011, it is important that people educate themselves on the subject of new electric meters.

Here’s a link to watch the excellent documentary « Take Back Your Power » (in English and subtitles in French): https://youtu.be/dgK14l7_cDw

You can buy the DVD here on their official website: https://takebackyourpower.net

If you have articles on your country of hyperlinks newspapers concerning electrical fires possibly involving smart meters we would be grateful to receive this information (links) on our page or by private message.

Thank you for sharing this message and this information with your family and those you love.

(Automatic translation by the program on the internet. We are sorry if there are errors making it difficult to read.)

Thank you.

Mobile broadband gathers speed

ERICSSON HAS completed a significant trial of next generation mobile broadband technology which achieved speeds of up to 80MBits/sec in Dublin last week.

The Swedish network equipment maker completed drive tests of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology delivering high definition video television and video conferencing to laptops in the back of a Dublin taxi.

Key parts of the infrastructure for the trial were located at Ericsson offices in Gothenburg and Madrid. Ericsson’s Athlone facility, the first RD lab it established outside of Sweden, was also involved.

The trial was facilitated at short notice by ComReg’s test and trial licensing programme. The communications regulator has been positioning Ireland as an ideal location for testing new technology thanks to the availability of radio spectrum and our island status which means there is no interference from neighbouring jurisdictions.

John Hennessy, managing director of Ericsson Ireland, said his firm had been testing mobile technology for its parent since 1990.

“There’s not always a clear understanding here of the value Ireland is bringing to leading edge technology,” said Mr Hennessy. “Customers make buying decisions on seeing it work here.”

LTE is a fourth generation technology which will be deployed to replace existing 3G networks. Unlike previous mobile standards it has global support. Different incompatible flavours of 3G are in different international markets but equipment makers like Ericsson are hoping standards will converge on LTE. They are also hoping it will become the single wireless network that will deliver digital radio, TV and broadband in one – thus justifying the expensive “forklift upgrade” that operators will have to commit to.

Last week’s trial was conducted using a base station at Ericsson’s Clonskeagh offices and a receiver on the nearby UCD campus. A large black box in the boot of the taxi hired for the trials was used to receive the signals but the Ericsson engineers point out this will become a USB dongle in commercial deployment.

Operating in the 2.3 GHz band, the LTE service was available in a suburban housing estate neighbouring the Ericsson offices. Two engineers who travelled from Sweden for the trial showed a high definition video of the Discovery Channel, stored on a server in Sweden, streaming to a laptop as the taxi drove around the estate.

Although the signal dropped repeatedly in the demonstration seen by The Irish Times, download speeds of 80MBits/sec were repeatedly achieved.

As the taxi brimming with equipment drove around suburban Dublin, Mr Hennessy joked that a lot of television licences had probably been sold in the area that week.

Ericsson provided the equipment for the first commercial LTE network which was launched in Stockholm last December and provides mobile broadband at speeds of 20-50MBits/sec. The experience there shows that just 10 per cent more masts are needed in the network compared to 3G.

The trial has now concluded successfully but Ericsson says it was an important stepping stone on the way to deliver Gigabit per second mobile broadband – about 100 times faster than today’s services.

Local Ericsson management says the flexibility of ComReg’s test and trial regime was key to bringing the trial to Dublin.

“The philosophy of test and trial has developed over the last few years and we have put engineering resources into developing a best in class product,” said Mike Byrne, ComReg commissioner. “We are more concerned that the spectrum is being used rather than which standard is being used – the market will decide that.”


Source :  http://www.irishtimes.com/business/mobile-broadband-gathers-speed-1.673812


As concerned citizens we really try to get the info out to you but it seems we can’t get it right for some reason:


 View full size the image above right here:


DISGRACEFUL! – Karolinska ‘Nobel Prize’ Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher


Observers claim the current controversy at the Karolinska Institute follows Johansson’s efforts to assist activists in Ireland opposed to the proliferation of telecommunications masts to protect children who absorb up to 75 percent of this type of radiation into their brains. During a visit to Ireland he was quoted as saying “No level of radiation is safe.” The cash-strapped Irish government through the communications regulatory body, ComReg, has introduced what it calls “Test and Trial”, a program where companies are invited to test their wireless equipment in a live environment.

Most recently, Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications giant conducted tests in the 2.3GHz band at speeds of up to 80MBits/sec using a license issued under ComReg’s Test and Trial licensing program. The experiment used TD-LTE, originally promoted by China Mobile using paired spectrum with separated channels as a competitior to Intel’s Wimax, signal. The TD-LTE technology provides high-speed broadband services which can be used to support services such as high-definition TV, video conferencing and many others”  without the need for new devices. Ericsson has two Irish addresses: one in Dublin and its Software Campus at Athlone, Co. Westmeath, the company’s first R&D lab outside Sweden.

The test was conducted using a “large black box” broadcasting from a taxi. No mention of public safety of the test was made by Ericsson. […]

continue at source:  http://mastsanity.org/home/2/297-disgraceful-karolinska-nobel-prize-institute-threatens-work-of-noted-wireless-safety-researcher.html

Support for EMF researcher goes global, puts Karolinska
Pres. Wallberg-Henriksson in spotlight to respond





24 mars 2016 à 12h date limite pour envoyer une demande afin de pouvoir participer au processus d'audience public de la Régie de l'Énergie du Québec concernant la demande de modification des conditions de service et des frais d'Hydro-Québec.

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